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Net Digital LP: 90,6 Mb
Genre: Electronic / Ambient
Total running time: 36:29
Release Code: NN_LP023_08_12
Release Date: August 15, 2012
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
Released on Nostress Netlabel (Italy)

Pre-listening Track


  • Open plot
  • Brain-Hyperspace
  • Parts:
    - The perfect glance
    - Un'altra fase
    - Ohne es zu wissen
    - Nu électroniques
    - Hier, avant la course
    - The bright age
    - Low complexity
    - Ende

"Brain-Hyperspace" (suite which is the center of the entire work), since the title suggests unexplored places, such as extremely distant in space-time coordinates. Slightly dark ambient atmospheres formed by the massive use of synths alternate with more relaxed parts and sometimes rare soft rhythmic so it's not a casuality if this suite has been in patnership and associated with a visual performance, visual completion strengthening the impact live. Two uniquely different performance for the musical "suite" Brain-Hyperspace with precious and friendly contribution of Antonio Cusimano, 3112htm in art, as visual artist

"Brain-Hyperspace" (suite che costituisce il centro dell'intero lavoro), sin dal titolo suggerisce luoghi inesplorati, tanto interiori quanto sideralmente lontani nelle coordinate spazio-temporali. Atmosfere sottilmente dark ambient, costituite dal massiccio utilizzo di synth, si alternano a parti più rilassate e ad accennati interventi ritmici. Non casualmente la suite è stata associata ad una performance visuale, completamento visivo che ne potenzia l'impatto live

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"Brain-Hyperspace" starts from a personal audio projects: a visual carpet inspired by ambient sonorities that became fluid and then almost oneiric. The idea was to associate this sonorities to similar fluid movements and to process these in a visual artefact capable to bring together with the sounds to absolutely surreal visualizations

Music: Paolino Canzoneri
  • On March 18, 2011, the second performance for "PPS//Meetings#7", a series of events and art exhibitions @ the Museum of Contemporary Arts Riso (Palazzo Riso) in Palermo


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