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Wishcollapse music seems to be adapted equally for imaginary sceneries of cosmic spiritual depth and for enchanted medieval taste panoramas. It seems really to be a perfect "musical equilibrium" for these opposite sceneries.

"...Wishcollapse quiet and relax on earth..."

Massimiliano Grosso and Paolino Canzoneri:
All hard and software synthesizers and other electronic equipment

All tracks composed by Massimiliano Grosso
Arrangement / Recorded / Mixered / Mastered by Paolino Canzoneri

WHISHCOLLAPSE [Closed Project]

Net Digital EP: 77,1 Mb
Genre: Ambient
Files: MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Total running time: 31m / 47s
Release Code: wh160
Release Date: January 26, 2011
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
Released on Webbed Hand Records (USA)

Pre-listening Track

    VOLUME 2


  • Cosi come deve andare
  • Opera incompiuta
  • Superbia eorum
  • Oltre Caronte


There are many aspects to the making of good music. Two of them are talent and skill. You have to be good at and you have to know what youíre doing. Wishcollapse have a lot of both. This album was constructed with such technical grace that I bow before the gods whose almighty powers forged such beautiful and breath-taking sounds. Volume 2 is an atmospheric masterpiece with magnificent ambient compositions that left me speechless and brought tears to my eyes. There isnít much I can say. Listen to it. Itís like you are standing on top of a waterfall, staring across fields and valleys. Above you the sky opens up and the constellations rain stars of bliss upon you. Thatís the best thing I could come up with to define it. You need to experience it for yourself. The feeling you get is something that is very hard to describe in this limited language.

Standout track: "Opera incompiuta"
Rating 5 stars
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