digital single

The digital single plays like a lively and bizarre musical joke based on an incessant synthesizer sequence and a random change at intervals of one, two, four octaves. All punctuated by a minimal rhythm and a classic Moog-style analog bass.

Brioso e bizzarro scherzo musicale basato su una incessante sequenza di sintentizzatore e un cambio randomico ad intervalli di una, due, quattro ottave. Il tutto scandito da una ritmica minimale e un basso analogico in stile Moog classico.

  • Jeux pour Dames [00:07:12]

Recording and mixing at Multiverso Studio in 2022 (Palermo)

Mastering: Nicola Manzan

Released: 8 Aprile 2022

Track Jeux pour Dames:


  • About

    Paolino Canzoneri is an artist from southern Italy. His music is based on dreamy, ethereal, meditative and environmental thoughts and sounds. Experimental electronics, minimal and sometimes atonal and claustrophobic.

    Paolino Canzoneri un artista dal sud Italia. La sua musica si basa su pensieri e suoni onirici, eterei, meditativi e ambientali. Elettronica sperimentale, minimale talvolta atonale e claustrofobica.